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GS Swiss PCB AG is a Swiss manufacturer of demanding flex, rigid-flex and HDI-substrates located in the heart of Switzerland at the shores of Lake Lucerne and employs over 170 people. We cultivate an open culture and strive to be an ethical and reliable partner.

We specialize in miniaturization and we excel in the production of IC-substrates and printed circuit boards for chip on board (COB), chip on flex (COF), flip chip and multi-chip modules (MCM). A second focus is the fabrication of highly reliable rigid-flex circuits for the medical and aerospace markets.

Our capabilities range from laser and mechanically drilled micro vias, contours and depth milling with narrow tolerances to ultra fine line structures and copper filled vias in combination with sequential build up (PVA-Technology).

Our PCBs can be found worldwide in the medical field, aerospace applications and challenging industrial products thanks to excellent quality and high reliability.

A quick turn facility branded GS Express was added at GS Swiss PCB in 2007, enabling us to produce even complex boards with short lead times. A re-qualification of volume produced boards after the QTA is redundant because the QTA boards are manufactured with the same processes and the same types of machine in the same facilities as the volume production. This is a great advantage in reducing time to market for products with large qualification hurdles (FDA).

We believe in long term relation ships with our customers and suppliers. Cost and time to marketed is pro-actively reduced with our engagement in the early stages of the product design. GS Swiss PCB AG makes substantial investments every year to stay in the vanguard of technology in order to be able to meet the growing demands of our customers.


Financial Result First Quarter 2020