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A wide variety of printed circuit boards are used in industry. PCBs from GS Swiss PCB AG are mainly used in applications where high miniaturization or high reliability is required.

Specializing in miniaturization GS Swiss PCB AG offers thin and highly integrated substrates with blind and buried vias as well as copper filled micro vias. These technologies are available for rigid as well as flex PCBs. In addition GS manufactures substrates with edge metallization, complex contours and precise depth milling.

Rigid flex PCBs are the top choice in applications where the PCB has to withstand high vibrations as in turbines, nuclear power plants and heavy engines. 

Rigid-flex PCBs also excel over cables in applications where dynamic bending of the flex area is required such as the head of a wire bonder. GS Swiss PCB AG has manufactured PCBs that were successfully tested for over 100’000’000 bending cycles. Rigid-flex PCBs with book binder technology guarantee high flexibility of multilayer flexible connections.


GS Swiss PCB AG produces substrates for the following applications:

  •     Sensors
  •     Minimotors
  •     Mikrophones
  •     IC Substrate
  •     Watches
  •     Encoders
  •     Vibrations metrology systems
  •     Coordinate measurement systems
  •     Fabrication Technology
  •     Embedded PCs
  •     Scales
  •     Analytical Instruments