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Medical applications and especially implantable devices demand high quality, consistency and reliability. GS Swiss PCB AG gives top priority to quality assurance to ensure that shipped PCBs meet the quality requirements of the customer and that prototype as well as subsequent production lots are manufactured the same way with identical process parameters. Our “Golden Board” business process ensures that each lot is “copy exact” for all board parameters, even those not called out in the specs.

GS Swiss PCB AG cultivates an open culture and strives to be an ethical and reliable partner with a focus on continuous improvingments to meet the growing demands of our customers. Consistent process parameters in production go without saying as well as traceability down to the lot number of base materials.

To support our customers in shorting the time to market of new products, GS Swiss PCB AG introduced - in addition to standard production of prototypes and series - an express service. This quick turn around service allows production of even complex boards with short lead times. Since subsequent lots are manufactured in the same facility with the same materials and identical processes and process parameters no re-qualification for production runs is necessary which will save time as well as cost.



GS Swiss PCB AG produces substrates for the following applications:


  • implanted drug delivery systems
  • cochlea implants
  • hearing instruments
  • insulin pumps
  • diagnostic systems
  • computer tomography
  • X-ray examination devices 
  • ultrasound imaging