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GS Swiss PCB Expands Production Line by Laser Direct Imaging System NUVOGO 800

GS Swiss PCB, a member company of exceet Group, is continually investing in the machine pool at its plant in Küssnacht on the Rigi. GS Swiss PCB is a leading manufacturer of reliable, highly miniaturized flex, rigid-flex and HDI circuit boards (high density interconnect) for use in products such as medical implants and hearing aids.

GS Swiss PCB is now investing approx. EUR 750,000 in a latest-generation direct imaging system – a further step on the way to modernizing the imaging process.

Quality and Productivity Boost

The Nuvogo 800 is an innovative laser direct imaging (LDI) system made by the Israeli electronics company Orbotech. The new LDI works with two wavelengths that simultaneously expose with 375nm and 405nm. This greatly improves imaging of solder resist and minimizes ‘undercut‘ problems, making it possible to manufacture far smaller structures.

A further advantage of the Nuvogo 800 is that it features two imaging tables. This permits the loading and registration of a new panel during the imaging process on the other panel, leading to a productivity boost of about 25%.