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GS Swiss PCB invests in high-end laser system for HDI circuit boards

GS Swiss PCB invests in high-end laser system for HDI circuit boards

GS Swiss PCB, a member company of exceet Group based in Küssnacht, Switzerland, is a highly experienced specialist for so-called HDI (high density interconnect) circuit boards. In contrast to traditional circuit boards, HDI boards offer very fine circuit structures and therefore improved electrical properties. For this reason they are used in virtually all mobile communication devices.

But for these and many other use cases, the market demands ever smaller, thinner and more highly integrated (HDI) circuit boards. To meet these requirements, exceet has now acquired a new laser machine that GS Swiss PCB is already using to serve the circuit board needs of its customers.

Maximum quality for microvia drilling

Meeting requirements such as 15 µm circuit layout structures and 20 µm diameter perforations means continual technology investments to keep up with the state of the art in HDI circuit board production. When cutting miniscule structures and delicate substrates or drilling microvias, the manufacturer has to guard against the buildup of carbon residues. For this reason, GS Swiss PCB has invested around half a million USD in an ultramodern laser machine.

The brand-new ESI laser system GemStoneTM was only officially unveiled at the China Printed Circuit Association in March of this year. At GS Swiss PCB, however, the laser system has already been in operation since December 2014. The machine works with a laser featuring GemPulse™ technology developed by ESI. This laser has a maximum performance of 18 watts and operates in the picosecond range. Thanks to these very short pulse lengths and rapid, high-precision beam alignment, the GemStone system enables the production of ultra-fine contours. A narrower heat influence zone significantly reduces residue buildup. The device also permits a productivity boost of up to 50%.