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GS Swiss PCB AG is a specialist for miniaturization and offers a broad range of highly integrated (HDI) printed circuit boards with blind and buried vias. Our capabilities include copper filled micro vias as well as surface finishes that can be bonded and assembled with high yields. Complex contours and depth milling can be realized with narrow tolerances. Our HDI-substrates can be found mainly in applications where high quality and reliability are of paramount importance.

Flex PCB
Rigid - Flex
Rigid PCB

The capabilities of GS Swiss PCB AG include:

  • Substrates for chip on board (COB), chip on flex (COF), flip chip, multi-chip-modules (MCM) and system in package (SiP) solutions

  • Flex PCBs up to 8 layers with blind and buried micro vias and with thicknesses starting from 25 µm

  • High layer count rigid-flex PCBs – also in bookbinder and windows (bikini) technology

  • Complex rigid PCBs also with edge metallizations

  • PVA-technology (stacked vias, via in pad); the combination of copper filled vias with sequential build up makes the realization of highly integrated and thin substrates possible

  • Mechanically challenging boards


Financial Result First Quarter 2020