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Rigid PCB


Rigid PCBs are available in a wide variety spanning from simple single-sided boards to highly integrated multilayer substrates with blind and buried vias. An even higher degree of integration can be achieved by using the PVA-technology – a combination of copper filled vias with sequential build up also know as stacked vias. It is also possible to realize copper filled vias directly in the pad (via in pad) rendering substantial higher packing densities and better assembly yields.

Additional functionality can be integrated by using edge metallization or high precision depth milling.


4-layer PCB with PVA-Technology for medical implant

In order to achieve a densly integrated substrate with high reliability, this PCB was manufactured in PVA-Technology, using copper filled vias and sequential build up. Additionally, an FR4 reinforcement frame was joined to the thin PCB for extra stability during assembly and burn-in testing.

7-layer IC carrier in PVA-Technology

PVA Technology was used to achieve the ultra high integration required for this IC carrier. Thanks to the copper filled vias placed directly in the pads (via in pad) the substrate can be populated with flip chips with high yield without the danger of voids in the solder joints, or run-off of the underfill.

6-layer substrate with lateral through metallization

This PCB was manufactured with copper filled micro vias. Because of the lateral through metallization the substrate can be soldered directly on a PCB. The dimensions of this PCB are 9.5 x 7.6 x 1.1mm.

8-layer PCB for military application

This PCB possesses blind and buried vias with 50 µm (2mil) annular ring as well as 100 µm (4 mil) wide bond pads in a 150 µm pitch (6 mil). Dimensions of the substrate are 48 x 8 x 0.6 mm.